September 2020 – March 2021

Funded by European Union (external website)

The goal of the project is to ensure the right to health of 1,700 people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities from 6 residential institutions during COVID-19 by increasing access to information and protective equipment. The project has three objectives: increase access to protective equipment for people with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities and staff from 6 residential institutions; increase knowledge and strategies for the prevention of COVID-19; decrease cases of abuse and neglect in institutions.

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August – October 2020

Funded by Soros Foundation-Moldova (external website)

The goal of the project is the procurement of individual protective equipment for civil society organizations ‘staff, in order to continue social services provision to the vulnerable persons during COVID pandemic. Within the project will be purchased: hand sanitizer, medical masks and gloves for 53 CSOs from Republic of Moldova.

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July – November 2020

Funded by Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of Republic of Moldova (external website)

The goal of the project is to involve young people in reducing oppression through non-formal education activities. The project has three objectives: increasing the level of information about oppression to young people, teachers, and parents from rayons Fălești and Ștefan Vodă (especially on bullying and discrimination); promoting non-formal education and building an inclusive attitude in eight educational institutions; raising accountability of young people, parents, and teachers toward oppression in their communities (bullying and discrimination).

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August 2019 – July 2022

Funded by Austrian Development Agency (external website)

The project’s goal is enhancing gender equality on national and local levels thanks to the strengthened capacity of civil society organizations in using Gender Responsive Budget tools in their work, and networking and mobilization of citizens for advocacy. The project has three objectives: strengthened capacities of CSOs to use GRB tools to evaluate the conformity correspondence of policies and budgets with the needs of men and women; a network for effective policy advocacy, knowledge and information sharing and strengthened government accountability is established; citizens are engaged and contribute to policy change leading to gendered reform of public finances.

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January 2019 – December 2021

Funded by IM Swedish Development Partner (external website)

This project aims for people with disabilities and their families to participate in society as self-advocates and advocates and contribute to better outcomes for their lives. The project has three objectives: expanding and strengthening the national informal network of self-advocates in exercising their right to participate in society as full and equal citizens; developing a parents’’ informal network through empowerment and leadership; Keystone Moldova providing quality services to people with disabilities and their families and promoting social inclusion of people with disabilities, according to the organization’s strategy.

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November 2019 – October 2021

Funded by European Union (external website), Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (external website)

The project goal is to strengthen the role of civil society within 6 regions from Moldova through creating a unique voice in promotion of social inclusion of persons with disabilities. The project has 4 objectives: capacity building of CSOs and LPAs to ensure social inclusion of persons with disabilities; facilitating the dialogue between the CSOs and LPAs through transfer of knowledge and best practices from the regions that have experience in developing public – private partnership for ensuring social inclusion; developing a network of CSOs through supporting actions that promote the rights of persons with disabilities and joining the Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities from Republic of Moldova; ensuring organizational development of Keystone Moldova, local CSOs and LPA through staff training in the domain of the mechanism of contracting social services.

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February 2018 – January 2021

Funded by European Union (external website), Soros Foundation – Moldova (external website)

To develop sustainable community services for people with disabilities, Keystone Moldova is building a partnership between civil society organizations (CSOs) and the government. To advance the social inclusion of people with mental disabilities and vulnerable children, Keystone Moldova is empowering CSOs to promote and implement innovative solutions with local public authorities.

With support from Keystone Moldova, 60 CSOs are increasing their capacity to develop and implement innovative social services based on the individual needs of people with mental disabilities and vulnerable children. Keystone Moldova is also offering technical and financial support for up to 30 CSO projects that focus on developing innovative social services in partnership with local public authorities.

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September 2008 – present

Funded by Open Society Mental Health Initiative (MHI) (external website) and Soros Foundation – Moldova (external website)

In partnership with global, regional, and local organizations and authorities, Keystone Moldova is initiating a transformation of Moldova's system of care for individuals with disabilities by creating a community-based system of services and supports. Community for All seeks to build an enriched environment where all people are united in a common spirit celebrating each person's unique abilities.

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