July 2009 – present

Buget: $157,522.00
Keystone Moldova has teamed up with several other nongovernmental organizations in Moldova (Women and child – protection and support, SOMATO , Speranţa, and Voinicel) to create the Joint Media Strategy Group (JMSG). The JMSG is working to promote social inclusion by increasing the community's acceptance of all people.

The JMSG project is funded by the Open Society Health Media Initiative (external website) and is being implemented in coordination with the Community for All – Moldova, funded by the Open Society Mental Health Initiative (external website).
The JMSG is developing a common, clear message related to issues regarding people with disabilities. We are working with print, television, radio, and new media outlets to raise the community's awareness of disability issues; promote disability rights; address discrimination, stigma and prejudice; and support social inclusion of people with disabilities. By encouraging the media to take a positive approach to portraying people with disabilities and disability issues, the community and the media will see the positive qualities of people with disabilities, as well as the similarities between all people, regardless of ability.
In addition, people with disabilities and their families are being supported to share their own stories. Using video, photographs, text or whatever medium they prefer, individuals are documenting their personal stories for publication in the media, giving them a voice to not only advocate for themselves, but also invite the community to share in their experiences. Visit our success stories or www.inclusion.md (external website) to view some of these stories, photos and videos.
As community members become more aware of disability issues and begin to see the similarities between themselves and people with disabilities, the JMSG hopes and expects that they will become more accepting of all people. Regardless of ability, we all share universal values of family, community and a desire to be included. The Joint Media Strategy Group of the Community for All – Moldova program is working to create a community of acceptance where each person's unique gifts are celebrated and everyone is a valued, participating member of society.