Family Support Services - Supporting children and young people to live at home with their families
Supported Living
Community Homes - Providing support for children and young people to live in a home in the community
Foster Service - Matching children with families in the community
Community Centers - Uniting children and families with the services and supports they need to lead healthy, active lives.
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Who We Are

Keystone Moldova supports children, young people, and families with disabilities or living in difficult social situations to lead full, active lives in the community. As a nongovernmental organization, Keystone Moldova has developed a system of community-based services and supports to assist individuals to leave residential institutions, rejoin the community, and gain access to equal education opportunities.

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What We Do

Keystone Moldova is developing and providing community-based services for persons with intellectual disabilities, including Family Support Services, Community Homes, Supported Living Services, Foster Care Service, Shared Living Service, Respite Service, Mobile Team, Resource Centers for Inclusive Education, Support Services for Labor Inclusion, and more. Keystone Moldova also participates in drafting and promoting legislative and normative acts in the field of the social protection system to ensure quality community-based services can be sustained in the future.

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Service Spotlight

Inclusive Education

“When I saw him with such a great mood and desire to go to school [after his first day], from that moment we did not have any doubt anymore whether our child should go to school or not,” said Iulian’s mother.

After spending his early years in the residential institution in Orhei, Iulian has returned home to his family and is now attending a local school with his peers. Although his mother and teacher initially had doubts about sending him to school, they no longer question whether school is the right path for him. “Each success made us aim higher, thinking, ‘Let’s try, maybe he will be able to do that, too? Let’s try this, let’s try that,’” said Iulian’s mother. Iulian has continued to exceed expectations and has thrived in an inclusive classroom.

Keystone Moldova is working to provide equal access to education for all children. Not only are children with disabilities receiving support to attend their local community schools with their peers, but teachers and other educators are receiving training and education in inclusive classrooms and the provision of individual educational plans. Additionally, the Inclusive Education service is raising awareness in the community and encouraging people to take a more positive attitude toward children with disabilities and inclusive education.

For her part, Iulian’s mother sees a bright future for her son. “I wish he could develop as many abilities that would enable him to perform a job,” she said. “So much courage and optimism I have in my soul that I think anything is possible.”

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