February 2018 – January 2021

Amount granted
EUR 205,349
European Union, Soros-Moldova Foundation
The Alliance of Active NGOs in the Field of Social Protection of Family and Child from the Republic of Moldova, The Alliance of Organizations for People with Disabilities
Project Goal
To empower civil society organizations (CSOs) to promote and implement innovative solutions aimed at advancing the social inclusion of people with mental disabilities and vulnerable children in partnership with local public authorities (PAs).
Project Objectives
  • To strengthen the capacities of 60 CSOs active in the social field, for the development and implementation of innovative social services based on the individual needs of persons with mental disabilities and vulnerable children;
  • To offer technical and financial support to up to 30 projects of CSOs, focused on the development of innovative community social services at the local level, in partnership with local public authorities;
  • To facilitate the dialogue and help establish a partnership between grantees (from the capacitated CSOs) and the government in order to develop sustainable community services.
Main activities
  1. Carry out a training program for up to 60 CSOs nationwide;
  2. Supporting grassroots CSOs to build partnerships with public authorities to develop and deliver social services for people with disabilities and vulnerable children;
  3. Conduct an institutional capacity building training program for grantees;
  4. Provide mentoring and support to grantees (grass roots CSOs) on developing sustainable social services jointly with public authorities;
  5. Contribute to developing and implementing a Joint Media and Communication Strategy for CSOs.